Honeydew Honey

Last fall, I extracted unusually dark honey from my beehives. I’m talking dark, as in hold-it-up-to-the-light-and-there’s-not-a-glimmer-of-sunshine dark. I didn’t give it much thought, I figured the late blooming plants in the Chachagua area must have had dark pollen, but I was recently informed of something called honeydew honey. Honeydew honey is made by bees collecting

Persimmon tree woes

The persimmon tree is dying. Sara, our totally awesome landlord, asked what kind of fruit trees we would want for the house, and I immediately pushed for a Fuyu persimmon. And a Meyer lemon. The Fuyu has been in the ground for about three months, and was perky and fine until last week when the

Fire boy

It’s July 3rd. The moon is brimming. The chanting begins. It’s time for fire boy. Fire boy is also known as Yardsale Dan is also known as Dan Callal. When Fire Boy makes his annual appearance to appease the chanting masses [Fi-re Boy! Fi-re Boy!], he’s wearing a white paint-splattered jumpsuit with a motorcycle helmet